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Stamped Cross Stitch Kits

Stamped Cross Stitch Kits

Stamped cross-stitch kits have the pattern printed onto the fabric itself, so that you only have to stitch in the colours indicated. In counted cross-stitch, the pattern is printed on a separate sheet of paper called a chart or graph. The fabric is blank. This means that you have to count the squares yourself to see where each stitch goes. 

Needless to say, stamped cross-stitch is easier and simpler, making it a more popular choice for beginners. You don’t have to count from the center of the pattern; you can get started stitching right away. The catch is that stamped kits don’t have as much detail in them as counted cross-stitch kits. The squares have to be bigger for the stamps to be visible, which means you don’t get as much colour variation or fine gradients as you would with a counted pattern.

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Bear Birth Sampler A Stamped Cross Stitch Kit from Janlynn
Bear Birth Sampler A STAMPED Cross Stitch kit  From Janlynn Crafts, USA Design S..
Ex Tax: $25.00